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I’m sure you have lots of questions about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Can it help you? Can it reduce your stress, improve your sleep quality, and increase your productivity? Yes! 

Does Acupuncture hurt? No! While the level of sensation varies from client to client, condition to condition, it’s more of unusual than painful.


Acupuncture is a holistic, practical approach to wellness and healing. In addition to treating the surface symptoms, it encourages us to inquire further and root out the underlying causes of disease and disfunction. Also. It just feels awesome.


I have done a lot of field work to figure out how to achieve balance. Clients view me as a collaborator and co-conspirator, here to help you get the most out of your life.


Let’s get started. 


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Grant is an absolutely delightful person to work with. When I first started acupuncture I was terrified of needles but Grant knew exactly how to alleviate my nerves. It amazes me even now how much progress I have made in acupuncture thanks to Grant. He has always been very communicative and thoughtful, to the extent of even sending me an email to check in after my appointment. Grant has helped me through a series of health issues in the last year and I could not be more thankful for his presence during those times.
— Elizabeth Bayan, Artist
It was a pleasure working alongside Grant Sutton LAc. I always had confidence sending my patients to him when they needed allergy desensitization through NAET, or acupuncture for overall balance. He is an intuitive and intelligent healer
— Dr. Krista Anderson Ross, Naturopathic Doctor
I went to Grant because I broke my shoulder a couple years ago and have had really bad muscle spasms in my neck ever since. People kept encouraging me to try acupuncture, and so in spite of my nerves and skepticism, I finally made an appointment.
Grant was very approachable and put me at ease almost immediately. He was totally straight-up – no talking about Yin and Yang or Xi or any of this loo-la kind of business. At the same time, he was friendly and very knowledgeable-seeming. He listened closely to my description of the pain and asked some questions to get a better sense of the problem and then explained his plan, and then we got started.
After my treatment, my neck felt better immediately. In fact, I had a general sense of well-being – the kind that makes you want to quit drinking and smoking and start exercising, etc. I plan to go back to Grant regularly from now on – he is genuinely skilled, kind, and attentive
— Amelia Bunch, Labor Organizer


What would drive a person to stick needles in other people?

You might assume that I grew up meditating on a mountain in China, or doing yoga in an ashram for the past 35 years, but you’d be wrong. I grew up eating fast food and ham hocks in a small town in southeastern North Carolina, and Subway sandwiches were considered a health food. It didn’t get much better from there. I managed to subsist on pizza, falafel, and French cigarettes from age eighteen to twenty-six before I had a quarter life crisis in New York City.

What happened?

Working in reality television and independent film sounded a lot more glamorous than it turned out to be. I worked hard, and played harder. My body was falling apart. My amazing doctor tried to help, but he didn’t have many tools to help manage my stress, anxiety, or skin issues, so I tried acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It changed everything for me.

Did you abandon your glamorous life to study in China then?

Not exactly. I continued on my career path for a while, knowing that as soon as I discovered my calling I would jump ship. But then my grandmother became ill. I was lucky enough to join her in North Carolina for her final weeks. She spent her final fifteen years in excruciating back pain. Pain medications helped at first, but as they gradually lost their effectiveness and the dosages increased, her personality changed before my eyes. Gone was the happy, hilarious woman that taught me how to dance and have fun. It was sad to watch. Eight months after her death, I decided I wanted to help people like her deal with pain and stress without becoming dependent on drugs. So yeah, then I jumped ship and moved to Portland for acupuncture school at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, then to Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.

What have you been doing since then?

Practicing! Working with experts to learn how to treat body pain, gynecological issues, mental stress and depression, allergies, and more. Portlandia is a hotbed of natural medicine knowledge, and I was fortunate to work with some true masters.

What do you do when you aren’t sticking needles in people?

I love music, cross training, ballet, the Real Housewives, boudin, and going out with my friends. New Orleans has a lot to offer in the nightlife department, if you haven’t heard! I also write reality television reviews for a popular culture blog under a pseudonym. If you want to talk about 90 Day Fiancé, I am READY.

Can we hang out

Why, yes!